On shame pt. 1 and 2

On shame Pt. 1 A hidden secret wells up within me:

I am not what people think. Sacred currents swirl within me

But I do not know how to answer their call.

There is a wall that divides me

This form cannot hold What I desire

Yet it must hold something For the world to see,

And that is a burden I do not want to bear.



Pt 2. Out of the shadows, I see him curl out of the corners Of my mind.

Who is he?

What does he want?

He sees the world wide eyed

The power of the sun appears within him

But he is gone within a flash.

He sees the world of dreams dissipate within him. And now I am left with the spaces between shadows.

Complications-A poem



A left turn has taken me to Your door

And I, a captive, have no choice but to listen

To Your yearnings.

After all this time, I finally found

The treasures I have sought

But time

Like a thief in the night,

Has camouflaged all my jewels

In the form of dust.

What is this life but a passing image, through the lens of time?


FLAIR by Mahesh Raghvan-Krishna Nee Begane(classical Indian music composition)

This is from an artist that I found on youtube, called Mahesh Raghvan, who mixes electronica with classical carnatic music, apparently. I don’t know if he does other stuff as well. This is some of the best fusion I’ve heard from the South Indian side of things.


This is the  song Krishna Nee Begane which was also done by the 90’s Indian pop group Colonial Cousins. I chose this because this is one of my favorite compositions by him and also because the majority of the videos have flashing lights and pulsing visuals. I didn’t know if people would be ok with that or not.

Baahubali 2 Song:

Here is a song from the top grossing film of all time in Indian cinema, Baahubali 2, in all three languages: Hindi, Telugu and Tamil

Someone made a multi language mix so you can get the experience of all three languages.

This is one of my favorite  songs from that movie. certainly it’s the most melodic.

W Is for Write

Write Through It

There’s a verb for you.

By writing the writer spins a thread of written words from some mysterious place in her brain.

Your writing will teach you what you need to know.

Maybe what you most need to know is whether you’re a writer or not, a real writer. Writers wonder about this a lot, especially writers who don’t make a living writing or aspire to make a living or even part of a living from writing. Also writers who can’t point to books — ideally several books — that have their name on the cover, or a sheaf of clippings with their byline at the top.

Writers are ingenious at coming up with reasons they’re not real writers. Do nurses and carpenters and cooks and teachers keep coming up with reasons that they’re not real nurses and carpenters, cooks and teachers?

I blogged about this a while back, in…

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Is America a ‘Great Country?

Is America a great country? To begin with, what is a ‘great country’? Are there any countries on this earth that are truly great? We all have legacies and negative circumstances that we all have to deal with. Who doesn’t?? But this whole, America Is A Great Country shpiel that conservatives and even liberals like to spout in this country is starting to seem circumspect. True, we did lead the world at one point. True, we have a great(albeit oftentimes ethically fraught) legacy in the world. But those days are over, now that Trump is president. We are now the laughingstock of the world. And in my lifetime, America has seen a not so gradual decline. True, we’re not a third world country but there aspects that are frighteningly close. I could list off so many things that are wrong with this country, but after Trump got elected, most of those seem like quibbles. We are at constant risk of undermining everything we know, and the safety and security of future generations.

What is patriotism? Is it a blind acceptance of a country and it’s national myths? Every country has national myths, kind of a selective memory. Ours is centered around a very specific and narrow historical orientation that excludes minorities and the disadvantaged. This is not just a racial thing. It’s an economic thing, a political thing, a gender thing, and so on. We like to forget or not think about everything that we’ve done, especially to the rest of the world. I don’t agree with blindly accepting a rose colored glass view of your world. But are we devils because of everything we’ve done? I don’t think so. I just don’t want to accept something blindly, but neither do I want to hate something blindly. But the way things are going, which is to say, as we go further down the toilet and shit hits the fan, I might have to seriously question the value of this country, and maybe one day I will be confronted with a difficult choice: Do I continue to fight for a country that is so fundamentally wrecked, that could potentially become an adversary to my well being and everyone else’s, or do I leave everything I know? I hope I don’t have to make that choice. I hope that we can make  things right.